Target Audiences when they are ready to take action

With A Future Ready Programmatic Advertising Technology
Backed by Data Science

We combine advanced Programmatic Ad Serving & RTB technologies, analytics, consumer insights, machine learning and AI to help advertisers succeed in the constantly evolving digital landscape

Customer Centric Marketing Stack

Data driven marketing solutions build on a Customer Data Platform to enable marketers optimize their consumer’s buying cycle.

Activate & mobilise your first-party data to bring better understanding & transparency in your marketing & advertising value chain

Understand your customers

Create clear user personas based on demographics, behaviour, transaction & browsing history, & enrich these cohorts with added data layers.

Mobilise cohorts of audiences

Enable your teams to make the informed decisions

Unify your data sources

To create a single view of your customers and remove organization data silos

Forecast “next best action” with confidence

Remove ambiguities with AI & machine learning models, deliver personalized messages & offers

Leverage Advertising Technology

Manage digital inventories across your or your partners’ properties to generate additional revenue or create targeted campaigns

Future Ready Programmatic Advertising Platform

Programmatic platform powered by machine learning to make buying media simple for everyone.

With automated workflows, smart bidding, and Dynamic Creative Optimization, our Demand Side Platform lets you achieve better ROI on your campaigns with minimal effort.

Access to premium inventory & deep domains

Reach the right ad inventories with Regional, Vernacular, & National publishers and deliver your message on the URLs or domains most relevant to you.

Self Or Managed Services or On-Premise

Manage your media campaigns in the way that makes you most comfortable

Support all Ad Types

Utilize Existing, New, and Upcoming ad formats that work best with your audiences

Pre-Target & Retarget Audiences

Use pre-built segments or build your own audiences to create successful campaigns based on past learnings

Contextual Targeting

Target inventories based on keywords to reach your users while they are in the right context

Leverage the Power of Data Science & Programmatic Advertising to -

GET Data

Combine valuable data from multiple sources – offline or online, first party, second party or third party data. Use this unified data view to create winning digital strategies.

Deploy existing or custom Machine Learning models to create custom segments and audience cohorts, predictive modeling & heuristics.

DEFINE Audiences

A Media Planning and Audience Building engine that allows identification of the right supply sources, domains, & URLs and adds a data layer to get clear audience segments and contextual relevant content cohorts.

Deploy machine learning to expand & narrow your audience pools to meet your advertising goals.

DELIVER Your Message

Aroscop DSP + Studio – The perfect Art & Science for successful campaign delivery.

Use our Studio to get your messages in the formats, and design that resonate with your audiences.

Reach your audience with Aroscop Programmatic Platform using varied targeting parameters and deliver your campaigns to the right audience, at the right time (context) and in the right format.

ACT On Insights

Stay on top of the results with easy to understand real time analytics including –
– Campaign analytics
– Creative analytics
– Access to win logs
– Spatial analytics
– Custom reports

Additionally, get custom dashboards made to track your business KPIs and get actionable business insights.

1 Billion

Impressions Served
per Month

300 Million

Ad Requests Handled Daily


Targeting Parameters


Geographies served


Prebuilt Customer Cohorts

A Consumer Insights & Research tool specifically designed to identify or select pre-built micro cohorts of users that have a certain behaviour and gain valuable insights using specially designed interactive creatives.

Quick to launch

Roll out nationwide or targeted studies within 48 hours.

Scale as you need

Expand your reach with a click of a button

Feed survey results into campaigns

Retarget audiences to improve campaign ROIs

Identify hard-to-find audiences

Reach niche audiences for consumer insights

Actionable & scalable insights

Using lookalike audiences & data modelling.


Micro-cohorts created based on multiple signals.

Secure your goals
  • Reach niche digital audiences
  • Get insights on customers and competitors
  • An end to end data-creative-engagement partner
  • Get better ROI on digital spends
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