We are the industry’s most flexible and transparent ad-trade platform that gives you most control of your campaigns in a smart way. We combine advanced RTB technology, analytics, machine learning and AI to set new standards in transparency and ease of use in a streamlined manner.


Consumer journey today is very complex. Our advanced analytics combined with Human Intelligence helps you discover unique audience insights, and optimize performance across their entire path to purchase.

fit for purpose.
future proofed.

Today’s fast changing consumer and digital landscape requires solutions which are ready for tomorrow. We offer the complete set of capabilities needed to manage coordinated omnichannel campaigns including execution, creative management, targeting and reporting in one technology ecosystem

a customizable service platform for all your digital advertising needs
Our plug-and-play services are backed by futuristic technology enabling marketers to reach their audiences with ease. Self-serve or managed services, the choice is yours. Our dedicated predictive tools give you visibility into data, metrics and actionable insights.

SaaS based technology brings cost efficiencies
With our simple subscription fee based pricing for the programmatic buying platform, you get cost-efficient buying and scale efficiencies. Get consistency and transparency with your ad spend and a positive impact on ROI with more dollars going towards working media.

powered by Sciera expertise
Backed by over a decade of successfully delivering data driven solutions, we bring together a winning combination of real time bidding technology and advanced analytics that sets new standards in transparency, flexibility and control.

advertisers tool kit

At the core is the industry’s most advanced and customizable bidding platform to create programmatic campaigns that reach new customers in a smart and effective manner. We create bidding algorithms fit for your purpose for making real-time decisions with greater budget control, leading to improved ROI & exceptional marketing results.

Technology Stack
With our completely seamless, de-siloed advertising technology ecosystem, you can find all the tools and resources to make the most of your ad trade in one platform. Our tool suite and partners will equip you for better targeting, insightful analytics and enhanced attribution.

Journey Tracking
Powered by the vast experience of Sciera, a leader in advanced analytics and data science. Leverage the predictive potential of our models and heuristics. Get clearer insights on channel value, optimize investments and improve conversions.

Use our proprietary data management platform and in-built segments to aid targeting. With our data modelling and segmentation engine, we help you sort, analyse and manage information in new ways that allow you to create a personalized approach to win your consumers.

Audience Building
With our audience partners, our proprietary audience data and your first party data, build custom audiences to optimize your media investments. Use campaign metrics, personas and attribution to build lookalike audiences to build scale.

Our best in class reporting gives you unparalleled real time visualizations & interactive analytics which gives you total transparency and control over your budget. Improve your ROI by taking the right targeting decisions and win consumers most cost effectively.

our customized solutions



Our tailored for brands solution lets you win consumers and take control of your digital marketing in a seamless environment with the flexibility of creating your own customized Demand Side Platform (DSP).



A full ecosystem with our product suite for all your ad trade and data analytics needs to bring the right communication solution to your clients.



Highly customizable, white-label, on-premise software platforms for digital ad trading and data management.