3 Inspiring Examples of Brands Delivering Success with Consumer Data

Microsoft research highlights that businesses that examine their consumer behavior closely and use it for leveraging consumer insights outshine their contemporaries in sales by up to 85%.

Understanding consumer behavior and leveraging consumer insights help businesses improve services and products, develop a future-proof growth strategy, and enhance customer experiences.

Why Are Consumer Insights So Important Post Covid?

In 2021, McKinsey partner Kelsey Robinson stressed the importance of turning consumer insights into actionable business performance while discussing the major consumer shifts in the post-pandemic world. These included revenge spending, eCommerce growth, homebody economy, and brand loyalty disruption.

Indeed, the pandemic changed consumer behavior and shopping experiences significantly. Some of the biggest names, like Apple Inc. and Starbucks, emphasized consumer insights and market research like never before. Considering that there are plenty of alternatives for consumers today, businesses want to offer innovative products adhering to consumer pain points and solve their problems.

But is this even possible to do if you aren’t a mega brand? And is it true across markets and geographies?

To that end, this article sheds light on three mid-sized businesses that leveraged consumer insights to the utmost extent to drive success. The significance of choosing these three companies is that the growth has been evident, with their campaigns establishing an instant connection with the target audience. Plus, their examples testify to the fact that small businesses can compete with the giants in their respective domains – all courtesy of the translation of consumer insights into actionable strategies.

Best Examples of Consumer Data for Creating Digital Campaigns

Evive Nutrition Leveraged Consumer Insights to Revolutionize Healthy Eating Habits

Evive Nutrition is a popular brand in Canada that promotes healthy eating. Their target was to enter the American market. After building the brand successfully for five years, the business wanted to start its operations in the United States. To infiltrate a crowded market, they promoted their uniqueness and innovation across channels.

To impress the new target demography and audience, Evive Nutrition chose to leverage consumer insights, and the result was a tremendous success. It helped them learn about assorted flavors that appealed to the American consumer base. These insights helped them validate their assumptions.

In fact, not only the insight data but the way they utilized the resource helped them succeed. They democratized this knowledge across teams, which worked well. Today, the brand caters to all age groups, and more specifically, health enthusiasts and fitness experts. And it has been able to bolster its reputation against the major competitors, which include Daily Harvest and Green Blender, among others.

Gorilla’s On-demand Grocery Deliver App Takes the European Market by Storm Using Consumer Insights

Gorillas is a popular on-demand grocery delivery application operational across six countries and predominantly Germany. While it is a relatively new business, at the outset, it caters to the most common need of consumers in today’s ecosystem. Known to deliver groceries in less than 10 minutes from the distribution hubs, Gorillas took the European market by a clean sweep. It catered to 55 cities in 2021, and the expansion continued in 2022. 

In March 2021, it was launched in London after meticulous research to gather data and deliver ‘Whatever London Wants.’ The campaign used data from the past 12 months to come up with a humorous and fun narrative highlighting products ordered through the app. It provided insights into the habits and preferences of buyers and revealed UK’s love for lemons, ice creams, and champagne bottles and London’s baffling fascination with bananas.

While there are many ways of using consumer data for creating effective branding campaigns, Gorillas realized that consumers enjoy the simple fact that regardless of the size of the order, it is delivered on time. To that end, Gorillas has been focusing on delivering groceries fast as opposed to its competitor, Turkish giant Getir, with the latter stressing convenience.

As Lucy Tobin from Evening Standard puts it, “firms like Gorillas stress their ability to deliver basic groceries, fast — pitching themselves as an alternative to a big, planned weekly shop.” 

Besides, Gorillas targets the underserved segment of the supermarket sector and is successfully competing against Trunkrs, Rohlik Group, Flink, etc.

Little Moons Relied on Consumer Insights to Identify the Right Customer Base

Little Moons is a popular brand of Japanese ice creams that went viral on TikTok recently, which led to a tenfold increase in their sales. They leveraged that momentum even as the views stopped increasing. 

The only way forward was to know who the real and habitual buyers of Little Moons were. Thus, they chose to extract and examine consumer data. For that, Little Moons conducted a consumer profiling activity that helped them figure out their genuine customers better and determine their customer base. They dug deeper into the social media visits that suggested their audience comprised teenagers and, more specifically, females in their early 20s. In addition, they also deduced that the heaviest traffic for premium ice creams came from affluent 30+ males and females with disposable income and affordability. 

This helped Little Moons recognize the simple fact that to translate this trend into tangible business outcomes, they would have to walk the extra mile to take their TikTok story to a broader platform targeting affluent shoppers above the age group of 30. As it stands, Aldi, the supermarket giant, is the biggest competitor of Little Moons. 

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