Ad Quality Guidelines

Ad Quality Guidelines and Anti-Malvertising Policy

Quality ads make up for a good advertising community and Aroscop makes a careful and critical examination of all the creatives to make sure we adhere to the guidelines and policies across networks and geographies. 

Repeated submissions of flagged creatives can result in accounts being terminated.

General Guidelines 

  • Only family-friendly creatives are allowed.
  • Only click-tracking Javascript creatives are allowed.
  • Creatives are not allowed to auto-redirect to any web page or app stores without prior users’ interaction.
  • Creatives are not allowed to auto-load any video content without prior users’ interaction.
  • User prompts should not be observed with creatives or landing pages.
  • Auto downloading of files should not be observed with creatives or landing pages.
  • Creatives must be related to the content of the connected landing page.
Prohibited content categories

Below are the content categories, related to which no media can be bought or sold on Aroscop Platform under any circumstances.

Content category Description
Adult Any content that advertises sexually explicit adult content or services. This includes erotic cinemas, adult magazines, pornography, escort services, or displays of nudity.
Cryptocurrency Content advertising the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies including investment opportunities in cryptocurrency.
Deceptive Fictitious news or warnings simulating a false virus meant to deceive users into clicking the advertisement or purchasing fictitious products.
Derogatory Any content that promotes hatred, discrimination, or disparages an individual or group based on their religion, disability, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race or ethnic origin. Also includes characteristics that are protected by human rights legislation, or any content that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.
Foreign exchange Any advertisements that promote the foreign exchange market. This prohibition is due to jurisdictions that prohibit the advertising of foreign exchange markets.
Illegal products or services Advertisements that promote the purchase or sale of illegal or counterfeit products and/or services.
Misrepresentation Content that does not clearly indicate it is an advertisement or sponsored content that can mislead consumers. This includes content that omits necessary information for users to make an informed decision.
Obscenity Display of profanity, graphic, gruesome or disgusting imagery, animal cruelty, excessive violence, or content that is likely to shock or scare.
Online piracy Any advertisement that endorses, encourages, or infringes on a copyright, trademark, or patent of another party.
Restricted content categories

Restricted categories include sensitive content categories that may be allowed onto the platform in case the ads meet Aroscop’s standards in certain scenarios depending on the parameters such as geographic area, age controls, responsible use language, lack of certain types of imagery or content, etc.

Content category Description
Alcohol Aroscop may allow ads for alcohol-related products, businesses, or promotional sponsorship advertisements. Aroscop will block any advertisements that glorify the over-consumption of alcohol, promote underage drinking, or any such content.
Gambling Aroscop may allow ads for gambling-related products or services such as local bingo halls or lotteries. Aroscop will block any content that advertises illegal gambling services, promotes underage gambling, or is subject to certain geographic restrictions.
Dating Aroscop may allow ads related to dating or matchmaking services for adults looking for a partner, and do not contain sexual content or are branded in a way that suggests that the focus of the service is sexual. Aroscop will not allow content that advertises sexual services or sexually explicit content.
Political All election or political candidate advertisements will be evaluated for approval based on applicable laws for the region in which the election is held and advertised within.
Tobacco Aroscop may allow advertisements that promote anti-smoking, smoking cessation, cigar shops, or e-cigarettes. All other tobacco-related advertisements will not be allowed on the exchange.
Financial services Aroscop scrutinizes all financial services ads to ensure they meet responsibility standards and adhere to all geographically applicable restrictions.
Violence and weapons Advertisements that depict non-gratuitous violent content or weapons may be allowed on the exchange and are subject to meeting all other Aroscop ad standards. Any ads that contain hyper-realistic violence, gore, encourage violence, or contain any other similar excessive violent content will be blocked from the exchange.
Cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia Certain types of brand promotion advertisements for cannabis and cannabis products may be allowed on the exchange, provided they meet regulatory and geographic guidelines. Any Cannabis ads that contain illegal cannabis-related promotional content (e.g. appealing to children, promoting an adventurous lifestyle, making health claims, etc.) will be blocked.

Contact Us if you have any questions or doubts regarding the suitability of creatives and advertisers prior to submitting a new campaign.