Online consumer insights tool

Pick up consumer voice from your markets and make informed decisions at scale and speed
Quick to launch

It takes less than 48 hours from research design to start getting responses, optimize on the go, and get credible consumer insights.

Easy to setup

Launch your studies in 3 simple steps – Determine your objective, Design your questions, and Define your audiences. That’s it!

Reach hard-to-find audiences

Find and ask questions to niche audiences based on multiple signals, to generate actionable insights.

Uncover drivers & barriers for
your products from the

Reach your desired audiences and get answers to relevant questions to shape your products, messaging, and positioning that resonate better.

Which of these brands have you seen an online ad for recently?
Casio G-Shock
Daniel Wellington
Tommy Hilfiger
In case you are buying an electric vehicle, which one would you prefer?
TVS iQube Electric
Ola S1
Ather 450X
Okinawa PraisePro
Hero Electric NYX
Ampere Magnus

Your audience is already here

Reach your desired audiences and get answers to relevant questions to shape your products, messaging, and
positioning that resonate better. Choose from over 400 Prebuilt segments or create a custom segments based on your customer personas

  • + Working Mothers
  • + Seeking Dialysis
  • + Donors
  • + Art & Theatre Enthusiasts
  • + Men Interested in Food
  • + Parents of Teenagers

See How ASK1 Works

Save time and money to reach audiences that matter

Constantly updated deterministic and probabilistic identiers capturing real-time
behavioral, contextual, demographic, and geographic data against 1 Billion+ users


Let actionable insights drive marketing decisions

Stay on top of the trends and let the consumer insights dene your actions. Implement tactical or strategic changes based on where your customer or market is headed.

  • + Ad creatives or campaign
  • + Product Launch
  • + Expanding to a new location
  • + Pulse of the market

Launch your own study

Ready to launch use cases, already tested by brands across industries!

Track where your brand stands viz a viz where you wanted it to be positioned

Test your creatives and messaging with a closed group before launching it to the masses, include the feedback to get better results.

Keep an eye on how your industry is shaping up, the key trends and changing consumer needs and aspirations to be at the top of their minds.

Track where your brand stands among the competitors, what makes your competitors win or lose share of minds.

Check in real time if your advertising and branding efforts are making a difference on ground, which creative elements are sticking with the audience, and which needs to change.

A Solution for Everyone

ASK1 can support all business functions where success relies on understanding the consumers! Whether you are from sales wanting to
understand your prospective client’s audiences or are responsible for monetization at a publication, getting consumer insights is crucial


Intrigue your readers with stories that resonate with them. Higher attention translates into better ad revenues

B2B Sales

Delight your clients with better audience understanding

Feedback Solution

Get real time feedback from your in-store customers and deliver better experiences

Some of our Research Reports

Here are some studies that we recently conducted to understand the pulse of various industries.

Interested in getting a consumer study done for your brand, industry, product or campaign?

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