Bridge the Gap Between Your Consumers and You.

Contextual Advertising, First-Party Data and Data Science to define success in digital advertising

Programmatic Advertising is evolving.

This evolution is driven by -

  • The changing digital landscape
  • Transforming customer expectations
  • Expanding advertisers needs
  • Technological advancement

In order to help advertisers (brands & agencies) and our partners make the most of the opportunities ahead, Aroscop is delighted to introduce AUDIENCE COHORT PLANNER.

The Solution is built on two pillars – COMPASS (Cohort based Media Planning & Audience Segmentation System) and DART (Data Analytics for Response & Targeting)

Audience Cohort Planner is a data science engine that ingests your first-party data, data from 2nd & 3rd party sources, context-based user segments, past ad events, and other data signals to create the most relevant audience cohorts to target and deliver personalized messages to those cohorts.

The solution cleans & processes the data, deploys pre-built and custom machine learning algorithms, tests and deploys the models to enable marketers to make better advertising decisions, and even automates campaign delivery based on system-generated triggers that generate better outcomes and ROI.

Audience Cohort Planner is a perfect blend of programmatic & data science technologies to enable advertisers to outperform the competition and deliver more value to their audiences.