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GenZ’s Mental Health Compass

91.5% of the respondents haven't sought professional help when they were experiencing mental health challenges

Immerse yourself in a groundbreaking exploration of GenZ's mental well-being with our transformative survey report. Conducted among 4,000+ respondents, this comprehensive report is a reservoir of knowledge that transcends statistics, offering a profound understanding of the intricate landscape of GenZ's mental well-being. Navigating the evolving dialogue around mental health, our survey is a beacon, unveiling the multifaceted dimensions of awareness, challenges, and adaptive strategies that define Gen Z's mental health landscape.

How This Report Can Help:

  • For Mental Health Support Services: Support services can enhance outreach programs to address the awareness-action gap in mental health campaigns, utilizing diverse platforms that resonate with GenZ. Prioritizing accessible counselling and initiating educational campaigns on professional help-seeking can effectively address the stigma associated with mental health challenges, with tailored programs for academic and work-related stress.
  • For Individuals: Individuals are encouraged to build supportive peer networks, fostering open conversations about mental health. Actively participating in awareness initiatives, exploring diverse coping strategies, and promoting the value of professional help-seeking can collectively contribute to a more supportive and stigma-free environment for mental well-being.

Download the report and delve into the depths of the Gen Z experience, our survey unravels the prevalence of stress and anxiety, revealing nuanced utilization of support systems and intricate coping mechanisms. From unique challenges to innovative strategies, this report presents an insightful narrative, not only mirroring the current state of Gen Z's mental health but also pointing towards potential avenues for support, understanding, and resilience amidst evolving mental health dynamics.

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