How Indian Publishers Can Attract More Brands and Advertisers in A Competitive World

Having a well-designed website with decent traffic is one of the major aspects of displaying your brand to the world. However, the key to reaching your target audience lies in advertising. How your brand is represented before the target audience can make or break a deal.

No matter how big a business is, it cannot sail without proper and channelized advertising. For Indian publishers, the scenario is no different. They must tap into various advertising channels and make their presence felt in order to compete with other competitors. However, to realize success with such a venture, publishers must be able to capture the attention of brands and advertisers, who can then drive targeted, personalized messaging in their favor.

Favorably, publishers can establish this connection on the back of in-depth research — real-time, rich, nuanced insights about their viewers and readers. Using ASK1, a ground-breaking consumer insight and research tool, they can derive valuable insights into consumer behavior and design strategies to allure brands and agencies. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

Building Connections in an Incredibly Complex Ad Market

Because the advertising market operates in a highly dynamic environment, publishers need all the help they can get in order to build connections with brands and agencies. This benefits them in various ways — from gaining a competitive edge and increasing their reach to differentiating themselves from other publishers (in the long run) to ultimately increasing the value of their content.

For a long time, publishers have been using simple, anecdotal, and reactive advertising strategies. While this works for some of them, others find it hard to make profits. In order to succeed, they need to create a strategic partnership with brands and agencies. Such a partnership can usher in a win-win situation for both parties.

On the publisher’s end, in particular, such a partnership can help them create top-notch content and drive traffic to their website or any other platform. They can also leverage insights to try out different strategies, which can help them serve more unique and relevant content to their target audience.

Expanding Credibility Through Expertise

Besides building connections, it is equally important to carefully implement data tools with first-party information. ASK1 deliberates on this to deliver insightful consumer data that helps publishers to shape their content presentation according to the interests of the readers and their behavior. When new data is added, it creates a roadmap based on consumers’ expressed desires and ideas. Analyzing data drives evolution, which further creates a strong understanding of what the target market is looking for.

Using these insights, publishers can stand strong when they reach out to brands and agencies. They can elucidate the nature of their audience, the kind of content they produce, and the success rate that an effective advertising strategy could presumably accrue down the line. This way, they can quantify and validate their business’s perceived value in the market and provide a starting point for brands and advertisers to strategize future promotional campaigns.

Ways For Publishers to Attract More Direct Advertisers & Brands

Today, consumers make quick purchase decisions; however, they are not hasty. They only purchase from brands they trust. They are informed of the company’s presence, and they remember interacting with the business, which often leaves a long-lasting impression. This makes the work of agencies, with their creative abilities, all the more significant.

Publishers have an excellent opportunity to exploit this trend by reaching out to agencies to build brand recall or brand awareness. As elucidated above, they must appeal to such businesses through the insights they have at their disposal about their target audience. Here’s a more profound elaboration about how they can do that:

Through Rich & Real-time User Insights 

Publishers should be focused on rich consumer insights. Real-time consumer data gives more profound insight into customers’ needs, inclinations, buying behavior, and other important markers that determine consumer trends. With ASK1, publishers can generate data-backed research reports to help advertisers cater to their consumer cohort. 

The platform derives conclusions from specific queries and combines responses to create a unique persona for each respondent. As a result, brands can get a real-life feel of each user, target them, and implement their marketing strategies tactically.

Through Targeted Data

Not all data is meant for use. While brands conduct their market research, they often fail to realize the importance of targeted data. Thankfully, ASK1 research data is not only insightful but also direction-oriented. It gives businesses a clear idea of their existing cohort and the new markets that can be explored. 

In fact, this consumer research tool derives information from diverse subjects and some of the least approachable cohorts, which adds weightage. With useful data, publishers can approach brands to create targeted messaging and marketing campaigns for better outreach.

ASK1 further helps produce interactive creatives to showcase pre-defined demographics and behavior-based micro-segments. Using this tool, businesses can also create relevant tests or target groups based on different signals to deliver interactive advertisements. These are the best ways to induce an authentic and credible response, which enables brands to create personalized messages for the user groups.

Final Word

Targeted and personalized messaging instantly establishes a connection with consumers. With ASK1, publishers have more perceptive data. Brands and agencies can leverage this data to create different consumer personas. Based on the persona, they can create personalized messages targeting the pain points of segmented consumers.

Are you a publisher looking for new ways to accelerate your marketing campaigns? Do you want to bolster your network of influencers and develop a strategy to attract brands and advertisers? ASK1 is your answer. Schedule a demo today to learn more,