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Unlocking GenZ’s Wallet

Insights into Digital Financial Habits

Nearly half of the surveyed individuals expressed a preference for cashback as their preferred reward type from banking institutions.

Dive into the financial frontier of GenZ with our cutting-edge survey report conducted among 4200+ respondents. In an era where digital financial ecosystems reign supreme, this inquiry unravels the intricate tapestry of GenZ's financial behaviours and preferences. Explore the allure of UPI apps for daily transactions and the magnetic pull of cashback incentives, dissecting the dynamic relationship between GenZ's financial habits and the digital tools shaping their world.

How This Report Can Help:

  • For Financial Institutions and Businesses: Financial institutions can cater to Gen Z preferences by innovating in digital banking with user-friendly interfaces and cashback-driven products. Collaborating on online financial education platforms and initiating investment education campaigns can further engage this demographic.
  • For Consumers: Gen Z individuals are encouraged to proactively enhance their digital financial literacy, exploring diverse investment options beyond stocks. Conducting comparative analyses of banking offers, maximizing benefits, and developing robust financial plans are key steps to navigate the evolving financial landscape.

Harness the power of insights to navigate this tech-savvy generation's financial landscape. Download the report now and gain a strategic advantage by understanding the attitudes, motivations, and preferences that drive their financial decisions.

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