On Premise Advertising

Effective Marketing Strategy


The digital advertising ecosystem today is very complex which makes the ad trade opaque, cost ineffective and with loss of control.
Aroscop on-Premise advertising solutions is a crucial aspect of any successful brand marketing business with its customized marketing in India. It helps your business develop the most effective marketing strategy to win new customers and successfully impact your bottom line.

With effective advertising technology, now you can have total ownership and control to efficiently run your digital marketing with a flexible, customized and fit-for-purpose solution which is your own.

Get complete end-to-end ownership, white label advertising platform without the exorbitant set up and infrastructure maintenance cost. Host the platform on your premise but leave the maintenance and upkeep to us.

Take Control of your Digital advertising. The smart way.

key features

on premise

Host the platform in your own premise for full control, access and transparency. Get complete ownership of your data and ad trade

white label

You can make the solution your own by white-labeling it and integrating the white label advertising platform with any trade partner you want.

custom bidder

Get complete control, flexibility and transparency with your own bidder. Write your own algorithms & implement custom decisions

access to win logs

Predictive win rates and win price with access to logs. You can optimize your bidding strategies using effective advertising techniques

granular reporting

Our granular reports gives you unparalleled flexibility to get grater insights on audience, campaign management and outcomes.

data science models

Our predefined models creates recommendation engines to set campaign goals better and build quality audience.

automatic access to supply

Our network of partners gives us quality and scale of supply across platforms, formats and devices.

integration of 1st & 3rd party data

create an audience that is uniquely yours, gain deeper understanding and connect with them better.

inbuilt spatial analytics

With over 100 Million points geo-coded, you can create custom geo-fences for better audience targeting and retargeting.

access to proprietary data

Powered by Sciera, leverage demographic, behavioral, location and Trigger data for better segmentation and targeting.

heuristics & modelling

Take total control and predictive potential of our in-built models & heuristics to optimize investments & increase conversions using customized marketing tools.

predictive planning tools

Build, deliver and analyze your media plans to reach your campaign goals faster, smarter and more effectively with our effective advertising techniques

ad formats support

Win audiences across existing and emerging platforms & formats ā€“ mobile, display, social, audio, native, connected TV.

custom reports

Get control and flexibility with customized marketing reports tailored to your needs to manage your campaigns.

infrastructure management

Our on premise advertising manages your infrastructure so that you can focus on the trade and efficiency.

platform customization

Get flexibility of customization of platform to suit your brand, industry, competition and campaign goals.

audience extension

Build reach and scale for your campaigns by extending your audience into third party sites.

lookalike audiences

Using own customer data as a seed with lookalike modeling you can prospect similar audiences to improve conversions.

API plug in

Flexibility to integrate with any trade partners you want ā€“ Be it ad-networks, ad-exchanges, SSPs, DSPs and API partners


Increase conversions by creating more personalized experiences to consumers who are further down the purchase path.

smart tag services

Get faster and real time insights on audience behaviour, build retargeting and track conversions.

coming soon

dynamic creative optimization

With a more granular understanding of the audience and purchase path, deliver hyper-personalized ads.

coming soon

fraud detection

Our transparent digital ecosystem coupled with best-in-class verification algorithms surmounts the ad fraud challenge.

coming soon