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The CookieLess Future – Fears, Opportunities & the Way Forward – A REPORT

We surveyed over 450 marketers, advertisers, publishers and technology providers in the programmatic advertising space about the anticipated challenges, fears and opportunities they see in a world after the departure of 3rd party cookies.
We analysed the data and put our findings and insights into this Report.

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Key takeaways from the report -

  • Most of the respondents predict that Frequency Capping, Personalization, Behavioural Targeting and Retargeting will be most affected in the post-cookie era.
  • Yet, only 8% of the respondents say that they have shifted to alternate solutions and 35% say they are actively looking out.
  • 13% of the Brands already employ their first party data while 64% will be doing so in the next six months.
  • AdTech providers state the loss of clients, profits and inability to acquire new clients as the top fears in the future without the 3rd party cookies.
  • 41% of the agencies agree that the existing solutions can replace the 3rd party cookies

More such insights and recommendations for you to evaluate your stance vis-à-vis leaders in the advertising space and be prepared for the changes to come.

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