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Entrepreneurship and Indian Students

Exploring the Landscape of Indian Students and Entrepreneurship

Our comprehensive survey dives deep into the hearts and minds of India's aspiring entrepreneurs, revealing their motivations, challenges, and the factors that shape their journeys. This report transcends mere statistics, it empowers institutions to create targeted support systems, and it provides students with a playbook for navigating the entrepreneurial landscape. Discover insights collected from 8700+ respondents into mentorship, gender dynamics, skill development, and more.

Key Highlights

  • 42% of the respondents are not interested in pursuing entrepreneurship during college.
  • 65.33% of the respondents say that they have received formal education or training in entrepreneurship.
  • 27.59% of the female respondents in Tier 1 cities see youth embracing startups as one of the major opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs in India.
  • 59.02% of the respondents say that the overall support system for entrepreneurs in India is weak and lacking

How This Report Can Help:

  • For Institutions: This report unlocks the key drivers and barriers affecting student entrepreneurship on your campus. Identify skill gaps and disparities to create targeted programs, mentorship, and curricula that unleash innovation and boost success rates. Uncover evolving education trends to ensure your offerings remain cutting-edge, inclusive, and relevant for the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  • For Students: Gain data-driven insights into your entrepreneurial potential. Map your strengths, uncover potential roadblocks, and craft a winning strategy. Find inspiration in successful role models and access targeted mentorship programs to guide your journey. This report reveals funding strategies, crucial training opportunities, and the must-have skills that will supercharge your entrepreneurial ambitions.

By understanding the motivations, challenges, and opportunities identified in these reports, institutions and users alike can navigate the complexities of these domains with confidence. Download the full reports to unlock the potential of India's educational and entrepreneurial landscapes, and embark on a journey towards excellence and success.

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