The Digital Campaigns That Won the 2022 Holiday Season

Last year, over 45% of consumers started shopping for holidays in October. No matter the industry, the holiday season presents an immense opportunity for retail brands and the eCommerce landscape, in particular. Online shopping has hit record-breaking numbers in the past few years. In 2021, the overall holiday spending in the US reached $886.7 billion. As per Statista, about 57% of consumers have intended to shop online (both in 2021 and 2022). 

This sheds light on the criticality of the success of digital campaigns and how they can be the real game changers for winning the holiday season. 

How Are Brands Leveraging Digital Technologies in Holiday Season?

Be it about creating brand awareness in the holiday season, finding ways to target new customers, bringing new sales, and everything in between, the right marketing strategy can help you achieve your business goals. 

Real-time Consumer Insights – The Case for UPS

Gathering real-time consumer insights helps in analyzing the users’ buying intentions, preferred product categories, source of buying, and their expectations from brands. It is also essential to look at previous campaigns to avoid earlier mistakes. This real-time data help businesses craft excellent holiday messaging and maximize conversions. Just as customers want real-time updates on their products and orders, it has become essential for businesses to get real-time updates about consumers as well. Learn more about the benefits of consumer insights here.

For example, the shipping companies like FedEx and UPS have leveraged analytics to figure out the expectations of customers. UPS utilized its existing consumer data to predict the peak time of holiday shipping. These insights have helped UPS to decide about hiring needs for the holiday season.

Programmatic Advertising – ASUS, Walmart, and the Likes

Seasonal changes have a major impact on the purchasing power and behavior of consumers. Favorably, the programmatic approach can get the advertisements in front of relevant people at the right time. Major brands like Amazon, Netflix, and Walmart leverage programmatic campaigns to lure shoppers. This enables businesses to tailor marketing campaigns according to different seasons, display the festive spirit, and deliver digital advertisements in real-time.

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During the holiday season, most consumers look for great deals and discounts. By effectively leveraging programmatic advertising, brands can maximize their revenues. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in particular, can contribute to around 25% of yearly business revenues. Earlier, Black Friday sales were limited to one day, but now brands are going the extra mile and doing promotions and offering deals for an extended period. For example, Walmart offers weekly deals until Black Friday to generate a buzz around the most lucrative offers.