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Understanding eCommerce Usage & Adoption in India

In the last 2 years, eCommerce adoption has accelerated exponentially around the globe. To understand the eCommerce usage, key influencers, top categories, preferences and primary shopping devices among various user segments in India, Aroscop conducted a country-wide online study.

Here's What we found on analyzing 3,400+ responses -

  • 77% of the online shoppers likely to increase or continue shopping at the current levels post-pandemic
  • Respondents from Northern states look to save money while shopping online. This region also has the highest (49%) proportion of online shoppers added post COVID
  • The respondents from Rural India rely more on recommendations from “FAMILY & FRIENDS” and their past purchases while choosing brands before buying online than on the online ratings & reviews.
  • Urban dwellers are more price sensitive and open to membership fees to avail additional benefits than their rural counterparts.
  • One in three respondent say that they started shopping online with the start of the pandemic
  • Indians shop online primarily using their mobile devices
  • More millennials (than other age-groups) are influenced by “online ads and online influencers“ while choosing brands before they shop online.
  • GenZ buyers shop more for “HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES” than other age-groups. This group is also likely to increase their online purchases, more than others, post pandemic.

Some of the questions that the reports aim to answer -

  1. What factors impact the decision to choose the shopping platforms?
  2. Which segments are inclined to purchase which product categories online?
  3. What influences users’ brand choice during online shopping?
  4. What benefits users expect from online shopping?
  5. Will shoppers pay membership fees for additional benefits on online shopping portals?

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