What You Can Get From The Insight 100 Campaign

We all know that knowledge is power, and without information – we’re nothing. That’s the mantra that must power our moves. This quarter, we decided to partner with 100 brands/agencies in their pursuit to understand their market and customers better, as well as their brand. We’re ready to invest in the studies that would get them the necessary insights. And this, at no cost to the brands and agencies. We’re employing the following mechanisms, tools, and more.

What Is the Insight 100 Campaign?

By combining advanced Programmatic Ad Serving & RTB technologies, analytics, consumer insights, machine learning, and AI, we help advertisers succeed in the constantly evolving digital landscape. Our methods are customer-centric, and we use data-driven marketing solutions that build on a robust Customer Data Platform. The combination enables marketers to optimize their messaging about the buying cycles of their consumers. We activate and mobilize first-party data to bring a better understanding and transparency to your marketing and advertising value chain.

How Does It Work?

  1. Future-Ready Programmatic Ad Platform
  2. This programmatic platform powered by machine learning makes media buying easier for everyone. We can achieve better ROI on each campaign with minimal effort using automated workflows, smart bidding, dynamic creative optimization, and other such tools. That means this is a future-ready platform that will evolve along with the times and work as a high-functioning tool for each brand. It’s an excellent tool for brands to use regularly.

  3. Access to Premium Inventory and Deep Domains
  4. By using our platform, you’ll reach the proper ad inventories. You’ll be able to use regional, vernacular, and national publishers to deliver your message on the URLs and domains that are most relevant to you. This is customer and market information you won’t find on any other platform. With this precious information, you can do many things that will empower you to make insightful campaigns that are relevant to your brand and audience.

  5. Contextual Targeting
  6. We use a keywords-based form of contextual targeting to target inventories, which will reach your users in the proper context. Rather than using random keywords without any direction, we’ll help you find the right keywords to target your audience. That kind of contextual targeting will help you reap more relevant rewards, and you’ll reach out to the people who will benefit the most from using your products and services, which will help you create a better marketing plan overall.

  7. Pre-Target and Retarget Audiences

We use pre-built segments to build audiences to create successful campaigns based on previous learnings. Using our specialized tools, we find the right audiences for your brand. We then target them on different levels, using psychological triggers to motivate them into engaging with your brand. Our world-class tools will bring you the kind of audience retargeting you won’t get from any other platform. 

The Value It Brings

  1. Understand Your Customers Better
  2. We’re teaming up with several brands from varying sectors and industries, and we’re using clear user-personas based on demographics, different behaviors, transaction and browsing history, and more. We’ll enrich our cohorts with additional layers of data using this information. All this will help you understand your consumers better, and you’ll have a deeper insight into their motivations, desires, needs, and other such feelings. That will help you do more with the data.

  3. Mobilize Cohorts of Audiences
  4. Your teams want to decide what kind of ads to create and whom they’re making these for. With our tools, you can make different audiences for the same product or make certain permutations and combinations around these. You can then mobilize your different cohorts in various ways to figure out your optimal mix for your marketing strategy.

  5. Unify Your Sources of Data
  6. It’s crucial to create a single view of your customers and remove organizational data silos. That will streamline your different departments and keep everyone on the same page. Unifying your data sources will help you keep everything in one place. That would allow you to create various campaigns throughout. You’ll be able to forecast your following best actions with confidence. You’ll also be able to leverage advertising technology and manage digital inventories across your partners’ properties. 

  7. Boost Your Digital Effectiveness
  8. These efforts essentially help boost your digital effectiveness. By collecting and assimilating this specific information, you’ll be able to understand your target market better and create more informed ads. That’ll help you reach out to the right people who need you. You’ll have more customers and more repeat customers, with this kind of tool at your disposal. You’ll be able to grow your brand effortlessly and accountably. 

    Over the next three months, we’ll be working with various brands to understand how to help them optimally perform with our tools. The conclusions we derive from this study will be extremely interesting for all businesses and agencies alike. Since digital marketing moves and changes very quickly, it’ll be easier to grow your brand with The knowledge you gain. Click here to know more or sign up.