Why Digital Agencies Struggle to Understand Technology and How it Hurts Their Clients

In the post-pandemic world, enterprises of all domains adopt technologies like data science and data analytics, which is true within the digital advertising space. 

But there is a genuine shortage of professionals with data science and analytics skills. This is creating a “vacuum” within organizations as they cannot leverage the capabilities of data technologies. Marketing, specifically customer-focused analytics to drive messaging, advertising, and campaigns, is hit hardest by this skills gap. 

As more digital agencies struggle to understand how technology works, it hurts their clients. 

Here’s a look at the problem with failing to decode data-driven technologies and how to overcome that.

4 Pain Points associated with Data Science & Analytics

Most digital agencies look towards data to optimize their processes and track consumer behavior. With nearly 84% of the global population owning a smartphone, almost every customer demographic has a significant “mobile footprint.”

Here are four pain points associated with data science and analytics that are hampering digital companies:

  1. Identifying the right customer segment

  2. For digital agencies, customer segmentation segments or divides their customers based on shared traits (or characteristics). This enables agencies to identify the right customer segment and communicate to them with personalized offers. 

    Data quality is among the most significant pain points for achieving customer satisfaction. For instance, inaccurate data from multiple data sources can result in poor grouping or segmentation.

    With Aroscop’s Programmatic Advertising platform, digital agencies can define their target audience with its media planning and audience-building engine. This engine adds a data layer that enables companies to identify their audience segment using the right data sources, domains, and URLs. Further, this platform leverages machine learning technology to expand (or narrow) the audience pool.

  3. Predicting customer behavior

  4. Digital marketing agencies face the growing challenge of predicting customer behavior, which hampers the launch of innovative products, and technologies and changing customer preferences. Digital advertising can impact customer behavior only when designed in just the right way.

    In the age of digital overexposure, marketing cannot succeed without understanding or predicting customer behavior. Effectively, companies need to integrate their customer behavior data into their marketing campaigns.

    With the Aroscop DSP + Studio platform, digital agencies can successfully deliver the message of their marketing campaigns to their customers. With our Studio tool, agencies can format their personalized message with a design that resonates with the customer segment. Additionally, Aroscop’s Programmatic advertising platform uses various parameters to deliver campaigns to the right audience at the right time and in the right format. 

  5. Collecting customer data

  6. With the explosion of customer data, digital agencies think that “the more data they collect, the more their understanding of consumer behavior would be.” The reality is that without proper analytics, data collection is “too much data but too little information.” The challenge lies in converting the collected data into valuable and actionable business insights. 

    53% of marketing experts believe that “you can never have too much data for marketing analytics.” By using the Aroscop platform, companies can collect data from multiple sources, including online & offline sources and first-party (or second-party) data. Besides that, digital agencies can generate valuable data insights using real-time analytics, including campaign, spatial, and creative analytics.

  7. Other marketing-related challenges
  8. Most marketing agencies look towards data science to determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. For instance, marketers look to calculate the ROI from their latest marketing campaign. ROI is one marketing metric that can quantitatively calculate if the money spent on the drive was worth the effort.

    Similarly, data-driven marketing analytics can create a personalized messaging strategy to determine customers’ needs and preferences.

    With Aroscop’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), digital marketers can now optimize their consumer’s buying cycle. Companies can now leverage their first-party data to add transparency to their marketing and advertising channels using CDP.

    How can digital agencies overcome these challenges associated with data science and analytics? As a full-service agency and technology provider, Aroscop can partner with you in your business growth. Let us discuss how in the next section.

How partnering with Aroscop can help

At Aroscop, we understand the value of business data, and we realize how the current skill gap in data science and analytics impacts business growth in the digital space. We can help brands deliver the right experiences across your entire customer journey.

Powered by cutting-edge technology solutions, Aroscop enables digital agencies to overcome data-related challenges by:

  • Discovering customer insights
  • We enable business brands to identify their consumer group for new marketing opportunities and deliver personalized messages. We understand your customer’s needs and predict what they will do next based on their previous actions.

  • Designing marketing programs
  • Our data-driven cross-channel programs are designed to create the right marketing program for your brand. We offer creative services, including campaign development, website development, and B2B marketing programs.

  • Delivering an omnichannel experience
  • We can help you achieve continuous business improvement with omnichannel strategies. Now, you can engage with your consumers across digital channels with relevant and personalized content. We offer the best omnichannel technology solutions designed by our expert data analysts and strategists.

    Ask1 is backed by our expertise in data science and powered by our programmatic advertising platform. We can assist you in performing a customer study for your brand, product, or marketing campaign.


Agencies are struggling to leverage the full power of the latest data-related technologies. But brand strategies need to empower their data insights into exploring market opportunities and understanding customer behavior. At Aroscop Studio, we offer brands and agencies the opportunity to partner with us to drive their digital transformation. We offer a complete portfolio of digital services to empower brand strategies backed by the best technology.
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